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Pick your nose!
abserdman wrote in rabbit_photos

It's time to pick your favourite nose from the last challenge. Vote for your first and second choice with the numbers below. No voting for your own photos, obviously.

The winner will get to choose the topic for the next challenge.

Voting will close... whenever I remember/votes stop coming in.

Numbers 1 (Mrs Munch), 2 (Smirnoff) and 3 (poorly, poorly Bruiser) can be seen here and were posted by me, abserdman .
Numbers 4 (Nutmeg) and 5 (Cinnamon) were posted by impishredhead and are here.
Numbers 6, 7, and 8 are the amazingly named iHop, posted by tacet , and can be found here.
joandirk posted lots of photos! Always good to see! Numbers 9 - 12 are by her and are here.
Lucky Number 13 is Panda, posted by eowyn_unquendor , and can be seen here.

Happy voting! See you on the other side for the anouncement of the winners.

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