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abserdman wrote in rabbit_photos
Thanks for all your entries to our "Rabbits in Hiding" contest. Now it's time for the votes!

Usual procedures, vote for your first and second place using the numbers assigned below and I'll tally the votes and let you know the winner.

Numbers one and two are Mickey and his hidey-hole box.
Numbers three and four are Rosie, who's very inventive in her hiding places!
Numbers five and six are the little Earl Grey and his pillow fortress.
Numbers seven and eight are the lovely Kahlua showing off his cage.
And number nine is Jackie in his box, with only a solitary bunny poop for company!

Get voting people!

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I vote for three and four respectively.

My first favourite is number 3, and my second favourite is number 6.

#4 followed by #2 for me please:)

First 4, second 6.

SHH DON'T POINT OUT HIS POOP! D= The little dingus wasn't litter trained yet, hehehe.

My votes; #9 is my favorite (that cute little face!) followed by #6.

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